Checklist for mover

There is a lot to remember about moving. Here is our list of things to remember!

Make the change of address well in advance of the move.

Report your new address to the insurance company. If you do not have home insurance you can get it for example here:

Remember the electricity contract

The notice period for the apartment is legal

Between the date of termination of the apartment and the move out must be one (1) calendar month. Example; If the apartment is terminated 1. April, rent will still be paid from May. If, on the other hand, the termination takes place on 30. March, the rent is paid
still from April. If the resident terminates the apartment before the 10th he may deduct EUR 50 from his last rent.

Upon termination of the apartment and when moving out please remember to clean the apartment carefully. We inherit the cleaning costs of the apartment from the rent security, if necessary.

Let the property manager know your contact information!